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Monday, August 1, 2016
posted by Jim Murphy

peoplepetsI may not be like most people, I get very attached to my pets.  I also consider their well fare first and would do anything to make sure they are happy and healthy. I have two cats as most of you know. My younger cat Millie is in good health but my older cat Molly was diagnosed with kidney disease and hyperthyroidism. This is a very bad combination. Molly has been with me for seventeen years and we have a very strong bond. Every day I give her thyroid pet medication twice a day. She is also on a prescription diet for her kidney disease. The problem is that she doesn’t like the prescription cat food. I have to mix this food with another high quality brand to ensure that she eats it. Molly likes her cat food moist, so I have to feed her small amounts six times a day. I also put small drops of high quality of omega oil in her food.

This makes for a complicated process but in the past six months, Molly has actually improved. She has a good quality of life here in Delaware and I’m grateful that I can be here for Molly in her later years. I’m with her everyday and at this point will not travel overnight anywhere because of the special care that I have to provide for her.  This is fine for me. I’m glad that Molly is doing OK. I’m willing to sacrifice some travel for now so that I can provide the best care for her. I know lots of people may think I’m crazy but I don’t care. This is OK with me so that’s all that matters. Molly matters to me so I don’t mind the sacrifice.

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