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December 2021

Dogs Lovin That Car Ride!

Friday, July 29, 2016
posted by Jim Murphy

dogwindowcarDoes your dog love to ride in the car? He doesn’t like being stuck in his dog crate or carrier. His head is stuck out the window and he loves the breeze and all of the things that he smells. What could be the harm in this? Eye injuries that’s what so many vets hate to see. Think of all of the things that go splat on your window and you can imagine how many potentially harmful things could get into your dog’s eyes. There is a compromise. Roll down your window just enough for the dog’s nose. Those great smells will still be there. All that’s missing is the risk to your dog’s vision. Don’t forget to buckle your dog up. A properly fitted seat belt harness will keep your dog in place and from harm when you make that sharp turn and remember for safety purposes, it’s always better to keep your dog in a crate or dog carrier while traveling in the car,

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