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Do Cats Know How You’re Feeling?

Thursday, July 28, 2016
posted by Jim Murphy

sadownercatThe other day, I accidentally stepped on my cat Molly’s tail. She yelped! I felt so bad and started apologizing to her. Did she really know that I was upset? I reached for a cat treat to show her that I really felt bad for stepping on her tail.

Cats and humans have similar, hormonal, neurological and genetic makeups. No Molly would not scratch me to show that she was mad because I stepped on her tail. Humans express emotions similar to cats. For us, crying could signal sadness. For your cat, a snub may signal that she’s sad or mad. Cats are even known to express grief at the death of an owner.Your cat has a heightened sense of sight and smell, which helps him tune in to your emotions.

The look in their eyes, their ears’ position and tone says a lot. If your cat seems blue, talk to him. Cats respond to positive voices. He also shows happiness by arching his back up and down as you’re petting him. If he crouches to the ground, he’s likely uneasy. A thrashing tail means your cat is agitated and needs some time to himself.  Cat toys can help your cats mood by diverting their attention. You can bond with your cat by brushing him or having him sit on you lap while you pet him.

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