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Dogs who don’t like the rain and keep tugging on their dog leash.

Sunday, July 12, 2009
posted by Jim Murphy

135yellow-01My dog always loved taking a walk, anytime, anywhere except when it was raining! As soon as he felt the slightest amount of rain, he would tug on his dog leash and pull me back toward the house. This of course drove me nuts! I had to get to work and my dog would not pee or poop! It was a real ordeal. I would do everything to try and coax him. I even would  take his dog biscuts outside and try to give him one. No such luck. He kept tugging me back toward the house. The neighbors probably thought I had a screw loose when they heard me saying  “come on poop, daddy’s gotta go to work!” I said this over and over again but no poop, no pee, no luck.

One day, on a saturday,  when I took my dog to the park, it began to rain and he began to tug. We saw another dog playing frisbee with his owner and having a great time in the rain. I thought that if I associated the rain with something fun like playing, he would eventually get used to going out in the rain.  I took a ball to the park and had him chase it when it was raining.  He eventually didn’t mind the rain much and my nightmare came to an end!

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