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February 2024

Why Do Smaller Dogs Live Longer Than Larger Ones?

Sunday, July 24, 2016
posted by Jim Murphy

largesmallThis is true a small dog will usually live longer than a larger dog. Also, a dog that packs on the pounds will not live as long as one who is a normal weight. Large size dogs take a toll on their body. The larger the dog, the harder the internal organs like the heart and lungs have to work. It works the same way with humans that are obese. Larger dogs are also more prone to achy joints and arthritis.This is why giant breeds, like Great Danes, tend to have shorter lifespans than other large breeds. Some breeds, even small ones, are prone to certain diseases that could shorten life expectancy.

A dogs breed dictates a particular weight but if he eats the wrong dog food or table food and does not chase around his favorite dog toys.  he will pack on the pounds. You may like your dogs round figure but the extra weight will have an effect on his overall health. There are no diet dog pet medications. If he develops arthritis, the extra weight will aggravate it. and his metabolism will slow down which will make it more difficult for him to lose weight.

Another interesting fact is that a dogs personality can affect his weight A well-behaved breed like a  German Shepherd lives longer than less-obedient breeds of similar size. A calm Labrador Retriever will live longer than an aggressive Great Dane. Calm dogs burn less energy that aggressive ones. A cool, calm personality is linked to lower energy and a longer lifespan.

When your dog reaches an older age, he’ll need a different diet to meet his slowing metabolism. Talk to your vet about the type of dog food that will accomplish this.Dogs that weigh less than 50 pounds should start on a senior diet around age 7. Large dogs should start by age six and giant dogs by age 5. You should also talk to your vet about the type of dog treats you should feed your dog when he reaches this age.

All pet owners want their dogs to live as long as they can. You should have your dog fixed, feed him quality dog food, ensure that they have adequate shelter and have regular visits to the vet.

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