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December 2023

Cats…..Did You Know?

Thursday, July 21, 2016
posted by Jim Murphy

cat wineCat lovers love their kitties but most of us don’t know why they do the things they do. Here are some facts about your feline friends that you may find interesting.

  1. Cats are the most popular pet in the United States: There are 88 million pet cats and 74 million dogs.
  2. Cats have over 20 muscles that control their ears.
  3. Cats sleep 70% of their lives.Make sure you have several cozy cat beds in your home.
  4. A cat has been mayor of Talkeetna, Alaska, for 15 years. His name is Stubbs.
  5. Cats can’t taste sweetness so it doesn’t matter if their cat food is sweet or not.
  6. Owning a cat can reduce the risk of stroke and heart attack by a third.
  7. The world’s largest cat measured 48.5 inches long.
  8. A cat’s purr may be a form of self-healing, as it can be a sign of nervousness as well as contentment.
  9. Adult cats only meow to communicate with humans.
  10. Cats are often lactose intolerant, so stop givin’ them milk! Make sure their water bowl is filled all the time.
  11. Female cats are typically right-pawed while male cats are typically left-pawed.
  12. A cat’s brain is 90% similar to a human’s — more similar than to a dog’s.
  13. Cats have a longer-term memory than dogs, especially when they learn by actually doing rather than simply seeing.
  14. Abraham Lincoln kept four cats in the White House.
  15. When cats leave their poop uncovered, it’s a sign of aggression and telling you that they don’t fear you. In my case, my younger cat Millie always leaves her poop uncovered but she is intimidated by my older cat Mollie.

I would like to thank Buzzfeed for providing these very interesting feline facts.

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