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Crazy Cat Ladies

Monday, July 18, 2016
posted by Jim Murphy

crazycatladyEveryone knows at least one. A crazy cat lady! I knew one many years ago when I worked at Shop Rite in Fort Lee, New Jersey. Every Saturday, the cat lady (as we referred to her) would come in. Even though the cashiers liked her friendly and outgoing personality, we all dreaded that she would come to our register to check out. The cat lady rarely bought people food, she would load her basket with hundreds of  cans of cat food. She had dozens of cats and referred to each one of them as her babies. She would load large bags of dry cat food under her basket and always needed help putting these bags on the counter.

In a situation like this, we may ask ourselves who benefits more the human or the cat? Cats thrives on the constant attention and pampering and the “cat mom” loves the fact that in this cold world, there is at least one creature who will always give her unconditional love. Her cats will  be there for her day-in and day-out, regardless of what society as a whole throws at her. I guess that this is not a bad trade off considering the state of our society. If you’re a”crazy” cat lady, just make sure you have the funds to supply all of those cat treats, cat food, cat beds etc and a very high quality vacuum cleaner!

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