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December 2023

Beautiful Calico Cats

Monday, July 11, 2016
posted by Jim Murphy

calcatCalico cats are not a breed but they all share unique markings. They have separate patches of red, while and black fur. Some calico’s have separate blocks of color but in pastel shades which give them an ethereal appearance. The coloring on these calico’s is a little different from your typical calico. Because two “X” chromosomes are needed to produce these markings, calico cats are almost always female. Like any mixed breed cat, calico’s don’t have any specific personality traits. Instead their personalities are determined by genetics and early contacts with humans. But regardless of personality, the calico is always sure to be admired by other cat lovers. These cats enjoy all of the same cat accessories as other cat breeds.

Remember cast should always have access to water at all time. Make sure that water bowl is filled with fresh water. Cats usually don’t drink as much as they should. Wet cat food provides moisture that could substitute for the lack of water in your cat’s diet. It a good idea to provide wet cat food in addition to dry food. Don’t forget the cat treats of course.

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