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December 2023

Millie’s Enjoying Her New Home

Thursday, July 7, 2016
posted by Jim Murphy

cat watching birdMy cat Millie, is loving her life here in Delaware. In our home here, there’s more room for her to run around. She can dart back and forth in the entire length of the house. She likes playing with her cat toys but enjoys watching the large variety of birds we have here in southern Delaware. I have bird feeders on the porch and in some of the trees. She also loves watching the squirrels eating the birds food. I believe that in our home down here, Millie can get more of a feel for the outdoors. In New Jersey, my cats were cooped up in an apartment all the time. I never let either of my cats out at all.  Down here, I do let them out on the porch or deck only if I’m out there supervising and both of them love it! Our home down here has lots more windows than the apartment in New Jersey. It’s brighter and Millie loves sitting on the window sill and looking outside. She can do this in any room. She enjoys the cat treats that I put in a toy mouse. She has to tip the mouse to get to the snacks. There is plenty of space for her to toss the mouse around and get those delicious snacks. All in all life is good for both of my feline friends!

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