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Doggie Sunburn

Wednesday, July 6, 2016
posted by Jim Murphy

dogsunburnCan your best friend get sunburn? The answer is yes and most of the time we don’t think about this since dogs are covered with fur. Don’t ignore the symptoms. The most susceptible areas are the nose, ears and stomach. These areas are susceptible to overexposure more than areas the are covered with fur. Look for dry, cracked skin and curling around the ears. Some other signs are constant scratching of the tender areas following by a whimper He may shrink away from you when you try to pet him. If the sunburn is severe, your dog may have a fever.

There is really no pet medication that can cure sunburn in dogs but there are products that can help prevent sunburn and products that can sooth the skin. You can buy a pet sunscreen from a pet store. DO NOT USE HUMAN SUNSCREEN ON PETS! I emphasize this fact because sunscreen for humans contains zinc and zinc is toxic to dogs.

Remember, when your dog is out in the heat, always keep his water bowl filled with fresh water. If he is on is dog leash taking a walk, try not to keep him exposed to the extreme heat for too long.

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