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November 2023

Your Shocked Cat

Sunday, July 3, 2016
posted by Jim Murphy

shockedcatContrary to popular believe, cats can and do chew through wires. I heard a story today about a cat who got a big shock because he chewed through a live wire. The cat chewed through the wire while it’s owner was ironing.. The cat began shaking, put his ears back and was clearly both shocked and terrified. Most cats are not like rabbits and usually don’t chew through wires. All cats have different personalities. If you notice your cat biting and chewing on items like furniture, wires, cloth etc. be aware that this kind of emergency can occur. Try to keep all wires out of your cat’s reach. Cover wires that are exposed with electrical tape. This will add insulation and protect your cat to some extent. Contact your vet immediately if your cat gets “shocked.” You should have a supply of cat toys for your cat to play with. Keep your cats toys in places where she could easily get to them whenever she wants. This may divert her attention and keep her from chewing wires. Cats do get bored. Give them plenty of exercise by providing cat toys and cat treats.

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