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December 2023

Pampering our Cats

Tuesday, June 28, 2016
posted by Jim Murphy

Yicat-Set-of-3-Pet-Bed-Quilt-and-Pillow-Comfortable-Soft-Full-Washable-Pet-Beds-ZEZE-Dog-Kennel-Cotton-Nest-Teddy-Princess-Bed-Cat-Litter-M-6251cm-002Purple-0-180x180When I was growing up, I found two little kittens. My mom would not let me take them in the house because she felt that they might have some kind of disease. We had to keep them outside and figure out where we would put them. My father build a very sophisticated “cat house” where they would sleep at night. We fed them the cheapest, smelliest cat food and gave them milk! (who knew that milk would upset their digestive system?) We hoped that when they wondered, they would come back. We lived on a busy street and prayed they wouldn’t get hit by a car. Times have really changed! My two cats are treated like queens! They run the house. They are fed high quality cat food, they have a variety of cat beds and cat pods throughout the house. They are given cat treats and are brushed everyday. A cat box filled with a variety of cat toys sits in the corner of my living room. Our pets are like family and today, we treat them like family and love doing it!

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