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October 2023

Changing The Policies Of Handling Stray Cats

Tuesday, June 28, 2016
posted by Jim Murphy

feralcatsStray cats or feral cats are cats that live outdoors on their own and usually have little or no contact with  humans. The current animal control and sheltering system promotes euthanasia of these stray cats and say that this method is in the cat’s best interest. This kind of thinking must be changed.  Euthanizing these animals is at odds with the humane values of most Americans. Scientific research does not support the system’s rationale for killing. The belief that cats belong only indoors or as “owned” pets is contrary to the natural history of felines. This is a species that has flourished outdoors for 8,000 to 10,000 years. Who are we to decide their fate?

According to a national survey on feral cats, this question was asked.

If you knew that the stray cat you saw would die in two years because it would be hit by a car, which would you consider the most humane option today?

Here are the results.

  1.  Leave the cat where is  ————-81%
  2. Have the cat put down————– 14%
  3. Don’t know—————————-5%

Many of us supply cat food, water bowls, cat beds for the feral cats in our neighborhoods. Some are even allowed in the house for a cat treat or two. Lets work to get these unjust laws changed. The population of feral cats can be reduced by spaying and releasing them. Leave our feral feline friends alone!

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