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Using Shock To Train Your Dog

Sunday, June 26, 2016
posted by Jim Murphy

dogshockThere are dog shock collars on the market that will give your dog a shock when he goes where he is not supposed to. They are sometimes used as dog training methods. This author is not in favor of this device or these methods of training. Shocking a dog on a sensitive area of their body can cause them to fear you. Trainer Victoria Stilwell promotes positive reinforcement to train your dog. Reward them with a dog treat for doing something right rather then shocking them for doing something wrong!  I agree with her methods rather than using shock to train. Shocking methods can cause a dog to fear going outside. Your dog may  run and hide as soon as he sees his dog leash!

I believe that the electric fence is also a bad way to keep your pet contained. Some dogs have run through the fence and have gotten shocked so badly that they run away instead of returning to their yard.

I believe in more humane methods in containing and training your pet. The key is time, repetition and patience. Some dog trainers may disagree with me but I will still stand my ground and feel that traditional, positive reinforcement methods are a much better way to train your dog. Dogs would rather receive dog treats then be shocked. Wouldn’t you?

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