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December 2022

Ouch! Another Bee Sting!

Friday, June 24, 2016
posted by Jim Murphy

dog bee stingYou’re throwing around dog toys in the grass and your pet is having a great time. As he goes to fetch his toy, you notice him flinch. It appears that he was stung by a bee. His face swells up and he may have difficulty breathing.

Dogs are constantly sniffing the ground. Sometimes they’ll stir up some angry bees. It’s not unusual for your dog to get stung on his face. Many dogs will also swat or dig at an irritating insect, so bug bites and stings occur on the paws as well. You’ll know if your pet was stung because the affected area will swell. Most stings and bites are not serious but if your dog’s reaction is particularly severe or he develops breathing difficulty, call you veterinarian immediately. Your pet may be having an allergic reaction. For mild allergic reactions, your vet will likely prescribe pet medication such as an antihistamine or topical creme. In severe cases, a shot of epinephrine and emergency fluids may be needed.

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