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December 2023

Feline Rivalry and Aggression

Thursday, June 16, 2016
posted by Jim Murphy

FELIEN RIVALRYI have two female cats. Molly is almost 17 years old and Millie is 11. We adopted Millie when she was just two months old. Now,11 years later, the two do not get along. Molly intimidates Millie and has been ever since we adopted her. She spits and swats at her, she blocks her from getting to her litter box. We’ve been having a problem with Millie urinating in spots outside of her litter box. I believe that Millie does this because of Molly’s aggression. At his point, I am not hopeful that the problem will be resolved. Love to Know.Com has put together some guidelines to follow when it comes to rivalry and aggression.

There are a few steps you can take to try to reduce the stress between your cats. It is imperative that the new cat feel safe when he tries to use the litter box or he may eventually decide it is too much trouble to use the litter box and begin to use the bathroom elsewhere.

Each cat should have his/her own litter box. That means if you have two cats, you have two separate litter boxes.
Try placing the new litter box for the new cat into a different area than where you keep the female cat’s litter box. Simply take him to the new box and place him in it. Cats are smart and get the idea quickly.
When you are not home, contain the new cat in the area with his litter box. This also means keep the other cat out of this area. You can do this by closing a door or purchasing a gate, but be careful that you purchase a gate specifically for cats as they can easily jump over most barriers.
If you notice the female cat harassing the new cat, gently remove her to another area of the house until he has finished his business. It may take a while, but she’ll get the idea eventually.

It’s important that you do this as soon as you notice the aggression. In our case, we waited too long before taking action.

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