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November 2023

A Cat’s Sensitive Digestive System

Friday, June 10, 2016
posted by Jim Murphy

CAT EATINGAny quick changes to a cats diet can affect their digestive system. I feed my younger cat Millie, a mixture of two kinds of dry food. Keep in mind that unlike Molly, Mille is a very fussy eater and won’t usually eat wet cat food. Millie loves Fancy Feast dry cat food. (Not the best choice but that’s what she likes) . I ran out of Fancy Feast about three days ago and figured that the other brand (Purina) dry cat food would hold her over until I could get to the store to get her Fancy Feast. I did not realize that Millie was not eating her dry food at all during this time. I suspect that she ate Molly’s wet food when she got hungry.

Yesterday, she began meowing more than usual in the morning. I realized that she was hungry but I noticed that she had diarrhea. This was going on for a good part of the day. She was not vomiting and didn’t seem sick but she seemed uncomfortable. I quickly went to the store and bought her Fancy Feast cat food. I checked with my vet and she believes that her digestive system reacted to the wet food because she was not used to it.

So far today, she seems ok but I am watching her closely. Never change your cat’s diet suddenly. Gradually add the new food and mix it with her regular food. Give her digestive system a chance to get used to the new cat food.

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