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December 2023

Keeping Your Pet Safe On Hot Summer Days

Wednesday, June 1, 2016
posted by Jim Murphy

doghotsummerThere are so many instances when I see pets in danger on hot summer days. Some are chained outside in the hot sun with no water in their water bowl. Some are in hot cars. Even though most people roll down the window, your pet is still very hot and runs the risk of jumping out of the car and getting lost, killed or injured. We need to use common sense. Here are important things to remember that will keep you beloved pet safe during these hot summer days.

  1. Never leave your pet chained  alone in his dog pen on hot days.Provide a shady area for retreat, such as a dog house, porch or shady tree, and always provide a water bowl filled with cool water.
  2. Take it easy. Don’t overexert your dog in hot weather. Exercise is fine in moderation but remember that if you dog is older, overweight or has an underlying disease, overexertion in the hot sun could trigger heat stroke or even a heart attack.
  3. For birds, take caution and place the bird’s cage away from direct sunlight during the intense heat of the afternoon. Provide water and fruits and vegetables with high moisture content.

A little caution goes a long way!

Remember, your pets count!

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