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October 2023

Cats and Birds —Like Oil and Water

Saturday, May 28, 2016
posted by Jim Murphy

catbirdroseIf your cat chases songbirds, he probably learned very early in life that birds are appropriate prey. This comes from their mothers. They teach their kittens to stalk and kill prey. Unfortunately, this behavior is probably fixed in your cat for life. You can try putting bells on his collar to scare the birds away but cats tend to be very slow when they stalk so it’s unlikely the bells will make any sound at all. Don’t try to solve the problem by cutting your cats whiskers. Some people think that this will prevent their cat from chasing birds because it makes them misjudge where to bite their prey. Cutting a cat’s whiskers is not good for his well fare. So what’s the safest solution? Keep your cat indoors. If you’re bird lover and have birds as pets, make sure that the birds cage is sturdy, secure and in a place that your cat does not have access to. The bird cage stand should also be very sturdy and cannot be knocked over. Don’t let your bird out of the cage. Keep a good amount of cat toys around the house to divert his attention.

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