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A Few Interesting Facts About Cats

Tuesday, May 17, 2016
posted by Jim Murphy

crazycatThere are about 75 million cats in the U.S. and they are one of this country’s favorite pets. Here are some things about cats that you may not be aware of.

1. A cat that is falling corrects it’s position in a particular order. You may wonder why they always land on their feet. As a cat is falling, it rotates it’s head to face forwards. It then twists its back to align its spine upwards and then align it’s legs accordingly.The cat then will arch it’s back to minimize the impact when landing.

2. Cats hardly ever meow at one another. They will hiss and growl at one another if they feel threatened. The meow sound is reserved for cat- human interaction only. If your cat meows, you should assume that it’s speaking directly to you.

3. Eating grass is healthy for cats and helps with digestion. In addition to cat food and cat treats, you can buy grass for them to graze on at your pet store. It’s usually in the cat accessories section where the cat toys are.

4. Cats have a distinctive walk that only two other animal have. Look closely, you’ll notice that your cat walks by moving it’s left feet then it’s right feet in unison. Dogs alternate one left then one right. This promotes better agility and ensures silence when they are walking. The camel and giraffe are the only two other animals that walk this way.

5. Kittens are born deaf and blind and it takes about 5 days for a kitten to open it’s eyes. Vision and hearing begin to develop in the second week. When they are adults, cats have an incredible hearing range much better than humans. Their night vision is six times better then ours and they have 285 degree peripheral vision.

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