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What Is A Sugar Glider?

Monday, May 16, 2016
posted by Jim Murphy

SUGARGLIDERLast summer, we were at the Delaware State Fair and came across the cutest little creature on display in one of the tents. I asked about this animal and was told that it was a Sugar Glider. They live in cages like a hamster or gerbil but their cage must be quite large.They love to snuggle inside your pocket.

What is a Sugar Glider? Here are some facts found on the Glider website.

A sugar glider (petaurus breviceps) is a small, nocturnal marsupial. Sugar gliders are in the same family as the kangaroo and koala bear, so they also have a pouch in which their babies grow. They get the name “sugar glider,” from two facts: They feed on sweet gums and saps, among other things, in the wild, giving them the first name, “sugar.” The “glider” portion comes from the distinctive flap of skin (patagium) connecting their front and hind legs on both sides, allowing them to glide surprising distances from branch to branch among the trees. They are social animals that live in colonies and love communicating with their colony mates, so we recommend that they live with at least one other sugar glider.

It’s easy to have the urge to adopt one of these unique creatures but here are some things that may or may not change your mind.

Sugar Gliders are nocturnal which means that they sleep during the day and are active at night.

They do make excellent pets and loving members of the family, but they are “exotic” pets, they are a unique pet, and very different from a dog or cat. Like a smaller pet, such as a rodent or bird, they should be kept in a cage at night for their own safety. Because of their size, they should always be supervised if they are around other pets. They are also very social animals. You can’t feed it and leave it. They require lots of attention and do well in pairs. Sugar Gliders can live for 11 – 12 years so are making a long commitment if you choose to adopt one. You must check your states laws. They are not legal in all states.

The most difficult aspect about caring for a Sugar Glider is it’s diet. You can’t give in hamster food or gerbil food. They require a fresh diet.

Here are some essentials that you will need when adopting a Sugar Glider.

Excercise Wheel
Sleeping Pouches
Glass Water Bottle
Nutritional Package
Prepared Food – they need a diet that is high in protein and calciumĀ It should be low in fat and phosphorus, and loaded with fresh fruits and vegetables. See the diet recommended by The Pet Glider.

Remember, your pets count!

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