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February 2024

Should You Buy an Invisible Fence For Your Dog?

Saturday, May 14, 2016
posted by Jim Murphy

INVISIBLEFENCEIs there any protection for your dog when you use an invisible fence? The answer is “no.” This type of fence only works when the dog is wearing an active shock collar. Other loose dogs and animals will have full access to your yard and dog. If a pedestrian walks into your yard and your dog charges at him, there could be big problems. There is also nothing to deter the theft of your dog. Dog theft is increasing and owners must make access to the yard and dog difficult. There is also the danger of illness or rabies if a strange animal enters your yard and bites your dog. Invisible fence don’t confine your dog properly. Sometimes the dog gets used to the shock and gets out of the yard. You are better off buying an outdoor dog gate and containing him within that area. Of course you need to keep a close eye on him. Make sure to keep his water bowl filled at all time. Give him some outside dog toys to keep him occupied.

Reading this, you now my opinion of invisible fences. Don’t use them, there are too many risks. Keep your dog secure, fence in your yard and keep a close eye on him.

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