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Does a Cat’s Scent Really Keep Mice Away

Friday, April 29, 2016
posted by Jim Murphy

catmouseWe know that every time you buy that little mouse cat toy, your cat will chase it like it’s the real thing. Do cats prefer mice as a meal in place of their cat food? The answer is “no but” It’s my experience that a cat’s scent will keep mice away. I once lived in a condo in Hoboken, NJ. Every unit on our floor had a problem with mice except ours. The reason I believe this is that we had a cat . I also had a mobile home in recreational camping area in Delaware. Most of the other RV’s or mobiles had problems with mice. Ours never did. I attribute it to the fact that we always brought our two cats down and their scent kept the mice out. Mice will always find a way to get into your home. If there is a place where they cannot detect the scent of your cat, you still may have a problem. My experience is that a cat’s scent will definitely be a deterrent for mice. So if you live in a wooded area or in an apartment in an urban area, it may be a great time to adopt a cat to keep those mice away. Even though the cat bed, litter box and cat food will cost you a bit, it’s still worth it.

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