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How Much Water Does Your Dog or Cat Need Per Day?

Tuesday, April 26, 2016
posted by Jim Murphy

dog cat waterThere are many factors that affect the amount of water needed by your pet each day. One guaranteed fact is that you have to make water accessible to your dog or cat at all times. Those dog water bowls should be filled again as soon as your dog drinks all the water in it. A cats water bowl should also always be filled with fresh water. I have two cats. I keep two water bowls filled with fresh water plus a water fountain that provides running fresh water all the time.

A general rule of thumb is that an animal needs to consume 2.5 times the amount of water, as its daily intake of food. If an animal eats 2 lbs. of dry food it should consume 5 lbs. of water. (There are 8 lbs. in a gallon.) If he eats 4 oz. of dry food, he should drink 10 ounces of water (1¼ cup). Factors such as high heat and exercise or lactation can increase the needed amount two or three times above normal. (This information retrieved from

Most animals will consume more water that necessary but too little water can cause major problems. Dogs lop down lots of water but cats need to be watched more carefully as they will drink very little water at a time. Animals that eat canned foods get most of their moisture from the food and may drink much less than an animal on dry dog food or dry cat food.

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