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December 2023

Feline Friends are Adjusting To Their New Home

Saturday, April 23, 2016
posted by Jim Murphy

beachquietMOLLYCats are creatures of habit. They repeat the same actions time and time again. For the past 12 years, I’ve been taking my cats Molly and Millie down to our second home in southern Delaware nearly every weekend. They leave the comfort of one home, take the four our trip in their cat carriers and arrive in their second home. In each home, they have their particular cat beds in various places, their cat food was placed in certain area as well as the kitty litter box. It seemed when they arrived in each home, it took them awhile to feel comfortable. My younger cat Millie would sleep under the bed most of the day at our home down here.

I’m happy to announce that now we have moved to our home in southern Delaware permanently and our little furry friends seem to be enjoying their new it tremendously!  Here they have more space to roam around and cat beds scattered  in different areas. They love to go out on the porch once in awhile and watch the large variety of birds that southern Delaware offers. They no longer hide in certain areas and enjoy playing with their cat toys. I’m sure that they have no problem knowing that they no longer have to make the four hour trek back up to Jersey!

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