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Watch Out For Rawhide

Friday, April 22, 2016
posted by Jim Murphy

dogboneThere are many opinions as to whether chewing rawhide bones are good or bad for your dog. Rawhide consists of the inner layer of hide that is usually from a cow. Many people give their dogs rawhide to chew in order to keep them occupied and to protect their teeth. Dogs have the natural instinct to chew and rawhide helps to stimulate this instinct. Make sure that your dog cannot swallow a large piece of rawhide. This can make your dog ill and will affect his digestive system by causing vomiting or diarrhea.

If you offer rawhide to your dog, give it to him in limited quantities. Make sure that you throw away uneaten pieces. If you give your dog rawhide pieces that are pressed and glued together with a gelatin base, watch for any bad reaction. Call your Vet immediately if you notice any reaction.

Choose rawhide that are made in the United States and make sure that the size fits your dog. Small pieces may cause a large dog to choke.

The better brands of rawhide bones are more expensive but well worth the price. You may want to consider an alternative to rawhide bones. There are many varieties of vegetable and meat flavored bones that are available at your pet store. It’s a good idea to offer your dog a variety of “chewables.”

It’s better to keep your dog occupied by giving him plenty of exercise and dog toys that he can fetch. There are dog treats that are safe and healthy for your dog. If you keep your dog confined in a dog crate, try taking him outside to run around. This will tire him out so you don’t have to occupy his time with rawhide bones.

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