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February 2024

Keep your dog on a leash!! – retractable dog leash may be easier if your dog is a “puller”

Tuesday, July 7, 2009
posted by Jim Murphy

training-dogAlways keep your dog on a leash when walking him  in a park or where there are lots of people. This prevents him from chasing other dogs, jumping on people or running out in the street. I have a story of a person who owned a large dog and never kept him on a leash. I owned a small dog at the time  and always walked him in the park around the corner. I always kept my dog on a leash and close to me at all times.  Unfortunately, not all people are considerate of others.  There was this man who owned a pit bull I believe. The dog was never on a leash. One day while I was walking my dog, the pit bull charged after me and my little dog. He almost knocked me down and had my little dog in it’s mouth. I screamed and kicked him. He finally dropped my dog and ran away. My poor little dog was shaken but all right except for bite marks around his neck. I immediately took him to the vet where they took care of his wounds. This incident stayed with me a long time. I will never forget the image of my little dog in that nasty pit bulls mouth! My dog could have been killed. It could have been a small child!  I was determined to catch this man and report him. One day, I went to the park (without my dog) and saw the man again with the dog off the leash. I ran toward him and when he saw me coming towards him, he took his dog and went home. I followed him and saw where he lived. I reported him to the police. Apparently, he had been warned before but continued to break the law and endanger pets and children playing in the park. His dog was eventually taken from him and given a new home. It always amazes me how inconsiderate some people could be. If your dog does not like being on a leash and continually pulls you along with him, you may want to consider using a retractable dog leash. It gives your dog more freedom but still enables you to have a hold on him and control where he’s going.

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