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Preparing Your Pet For Overnight Guests

Tuesday, April 12, 2016
posted by Jim Murphy

kidsdogsIf you have guests that are staying overnight, it’s always best to keep your pet on his normal schedule. Give him is dog food and dog treats at set times. If the guests are children, then you have to consider your pups temperament. Is he calm around children? Does he get excited or jumpy? If you think that your dog might not interact well with a child, you may want to keep her in another room. Even if your dog is calm around children, they should be instructed how to behave including  not to petting the dog too hard. The most important tip is to never, ever leave your dog alone with a child. You’re just asking for trouble. Even if your dog is even tempered, she may bite if she’s hurt or frightened.

It may be a good idea to toss around some dog toys before your guests arrive, so your pup gets her exercise and maybe even gets a little tired out.

Preparing your dog for visitors is part of the ongoing process of training. This doesn’t end with teaching your dog to sit or stay. Learn how to teach your dog and it should be an ongoing process.

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