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Exotic Cats

Sunday, April 10, 2016
posted by Jim Murphy

exotic catsMost cats are house cats but did you know that feline breeding is a big business producing elegant hybrids with exotic eyes, skin or even ears? You can find one breed with leopard spots and marble colored hair! Some breeds have no hair at all which are excellent for allergy sufferers. These breeds can be very expensive costing several hundred dollars. If the cat is really unusual, it can cost several thousand dollars. There are cat nappers out there who only care about making a buck. To be sure that your cat is not “catnapped,” you can get your cats nose printed. Like a fingerprint, every cats nose has a different pattern. After his nose has been printed, you’ll probably even spend more on your new “treasure” and buy him a fancy cat carrier or cat bed. So if you go for the exotic breeds or a plain old ordinary house cat, they will bring you lots of enjoyment, unconditional love and a whole lot of companionship.

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