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Giving Your Cat A Pill Doesn’t Have to Be That Difficult!

Wednesday, April 6, 2016
posted by Jim Murphy

CATPILLIf any of you had to give your cat a pill, you know how difficult this could be. Your cat will wiggle his way away from you and head right to his favorite hiding place. Mine goes under the bed where she knows that I cannot reach her. Her are some tips that might make this “painful” process a bit easier.

See if you can give the pill when your cat is resting, preferably in a high place such as a window sill or maybe her cat bed
Place your thumb and index finger at the cat’s maxilars joint located just behind his mouth.
Very gently, tilt your cats head back and raise his mouth. Pet your cat and talk to him in a calm voice so he feels safe.
Here’s the tricky part. Gently put your middle finger between his front teeth and push down the bottom jaw. Make sure that you have the pill. Keep it between your thumb and index finger. Make sure that you do this at the beginning of this process.
Your cat’s mouth should now be open. Throw the pill as deep as you can in his mouth. Try to get the pill down the throat and not on the tongue. This way he won’t try to spit it up.
Close his mouth and gently rub his throat until you see that he swallowed the pill.
Watch him for a few seconds to make sure that he doesn’t spit it up. Cats are tricky, they can pretend to swallow the pill then spit it out when you’re not looking!
Don’t worry, the process gets easier with time Now after it’s all over give him some cat treats or take out some of his favorite cat toys and play with him for awhile.

I have to give my cat Molly medication. I bought greenies pill pockets for cats and put the pill in the green. My cat Molly loves them. She even waits for more. I never have any trouble giving my cat her pills! She thinks the pill is a cat treat!

Remember, your pets count!

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