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Are You Allergic to Your Pet?

Thursday, March 31, 2016
posted by Jim Murphy

KITPUPUnfortunately, there is no pet medication that will eliminate the allergen that triggers allergic reactions. I have two cats. When I pet my older cat Mollie and then touch my eyes, they immediately get itchy and begin to tear. If I pet my younger cat Millie and touch my eyes, nothing happens. This is weird but certain cats, trigger certain allergies. An estimated 6 million people are allergic to cats and one third of them have cats in their homes including me. When my doctor told me to get rid of the cats, I told him where to go! Steps can be taken in the home to decrease one’s exposure to the cat allergen. Cat allergen is not actually cat hair but a protein that is present in the saliva and dander of the cat. The allergens become airborne and are inhaled into the nose or lungs. These produce the allergic reactions that you may experience. Cat allergen is sticky and carried on clothing. As far as I know there are no pet supplements or pet vitamins that can control dander or dry skin on pets.

There are some things that you can do if you do own a cat. I bought cat wipes and wipe down my cats every few days. This keeps their skin moist and reduces the amount of cat dander. This does help me. If you touch your cat, don’t touch your face and make sure that you wash your hands right away. If you are severely allergic and do not have a cat, then don’t consider getting one.

If you are like me, your allergy does not stop you. I have asthma and my cat did trigger attacks often. Instead of getting rid of my cat, I got rid of the asthma buy going to my doctor and getting on a preventative once a day inhaler. Now I have two cats and no asthma! You may have to consider limiting where your cat goes. Don’t let him on your bed or on furniture. Make sure that he has his own comfortable cat bed.

Remember, your pets count!

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