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The Best Posts For Your Feline Friend

Wednesday, March 23, 2016
posted by Jim Murphy

catscratchWe all go through it with our healthy cats. Healthy cats have healthy claws which means furniture destruction. We spend lots of money on automatic cat feeders and expensive cat toys  but what about a cat scratching post? All cats need to scratch and if you do not provide them with their own place, they will choose places on their own. Places you don’t want them to ruin. I have a cat who decided to scratch on one of my oriental rugs. The solution is to buy a good cat scratching post and train your cat to use it. Unfortunately many people buy a scratching post that their cat never touches. Do not buy a flimsy, light scratching post with thin soft carpeting. They will never use it and continue ruining your furniture.

The best posts are covered with a hemp product called “sisal.” It looks like thick twine wrapped around the pole. Cats love to dig their claws into this! The post should have a large, heavy post. Make sure is tall enough for your cat and make sure that it is study enough as not to tip over. Make sure that the scratching post is in a pleasant, accessable location. It’s a good idea to place the post in your cats sleeping area. Also place it where there are people. Don’t put it in a corner in the basement. Your cat will not use it. A good scratching post will save you the headache of replacing your furniture.

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