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Training your cat to use the litter box. Items like the self cleaning litter box can make cleanup a bit easier!

Monday, July 6, 2009
posted by Jim Murphy

cute-catsJust got a new kitten? One of the first things that you want to teach him is how to use his litter box. Most cats need a little coaxing when it comes to using the litter box.  The first step is to place the litter box in a small area that can be closed off easily. A bathroom or laundry room are good areas to keep the litter box. Since your kitten is so small, he should not have the run of the house at first. If he does, it is very likely that he will find his own “bathroom.” Place your cat in the area where the litter box is just for a few days. Make sure that there are no towels on the floor. You want your cat to use the litter box not the towels. After a few days, your cat will be using the litter box regularly. Make sure that you clean it everyday. Cats are very clean animals and do not like a messy litter box.

Changing the litter box can be a bit of a chore. Now they have the self cleaning litter box on the market. This could make cleanup easier since. The litter box’s infrared sensor detects waste deposits and rakes them away about 10 minutes after your cat departs the litter box. It frees you of the chore of scooping everyday.

Good luck with your new kitten!

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