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Health Problems For Overweight Dogs

Saturday, January 23, 2016
posted by Jim Murphy

OverweightdogExcess weight is a heavy burdon for any pet to bare. When your dog becomes obese, additional stress is placed on his heart , lungs and joints. Make sure that you monitor your dogs weight. I’m sure you can’t give him a command to stand on the scale but you cat notice when that dog coat gets a bit more difficult to get on him. Run you hand along your dogs’ side as if you were petting him. Pressing gently, you should be able to count your dogs ribs as you run your hand over them. Then look at your dog objectively. When viewed from above, does his body angle in in front of his hips or has he lost his waste? If these simple tests make you suspect that your dog is getting to be a little too porky, take him to the vet for a proper examination and discuss the proper diet changes.

I have two cats and one is a bit overweight which is my fault because I do spoil her. I need to reduce her weight so I’m feeding her food for less active indoor cats and cutting back on her snacks. I’m sure that your vet will give you the proper advice for your dog.

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