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Sometimes You Have To Improvise

Friday, January 22, 2016
posted by Jim Murphy
As of this date, she's doing a bit better on her special diet.

As of this date, she’s doing a bit better on her special diet.

About three weeks ago, my cat Molly who is 16 1/2 years old was diagnosed with kidney disease. My vet said that she had to be put on a prescription diet which is lower in protein and phosphorous. This food can only be purchased through my vet. I took several cans home and tried to feed it to Molly. She hated it and I didn’t blame her. It smelled awful. First of all, I feel that when you change a cat’s diet, you should do it slowly. My vet wanted me to start feeding this and only this food immediately. Now, not that I don’t trust my vet but it’s very important that Molly eat and drink. If she doesn’t eat this food, she could have starved. So this time, I improvised. I found out that there is a better prescription food made by the same company, which cats seem to like more. (I was very curious as to why my vet did not offer this food in the first place). I went back to my vet and told them about this food. They responded with “oh yes, we have that.” So I purchased a case. Molly doesn’t love this either but it is much better than the other prescription food. She’ll eat it but needs to be coaxed. So I purchased Purina Pro Blend for urinary track health. This is also low in protein. I mix some of this food with her prescription food, then add some omega oil which I purchased from Canada and also a little liquid chicken broth. I also add some Smart Pet fresh chicken morsels. This is higher in protein but Molly is eating and drinking and that’s all that matters right now. She seems to be doing better and I’m taking her illness one day at a time. I want to keep my little girl with me as long as possible.

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