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Rescuing a Stray Dog

Saturday, December 26, 2015
posted by Jim Murphy

straydogA  few days ago, my brother tried to rescue a stray dog on the highway and wound up getting bit on his arm. He’s now taking shots for Rabies just as a precaution. It’s a very tricky situation when trying to rescue a stray dog. published an article that explains the best way to do this.

The Missing Pet Partnership specializes in capturing skittish, hard-to-catch dogs (and cats). The problem with panicked dogs is that most rescuers call the dog to try and get the dog to come to them … big mistake! Never call a stray dog. Don’t look at it, don’t pat your leg, and don’t walk towards the dog. If the dog has a skittish temperament, typically he is in “fight or flight” mode and will be running in fear. The moment that the first would-be rescuer pats your leg, moves towards the dog, and is saying “Come here, come here,” the dog often will associate that body language with the fear and adrenaline.

Some other tricks include keeping a bag with treats inside inside your car. When you see a  stray dog, crinkle the bag and say “NUMMY NUMMY” in a loud voice. Act as though you are dropping the food on the ground. Then kneel down and pretend that you are picking up the treats. In many cases, the dog may have stopped and is looking at you as you pretend to drop the food on the ground. They don’t like hearing “come hear” come hear.” This is threatening to them. You are not going toward the dog but rather the dog is coming to you.


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