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October 2022

Do fireworks scare your pets? If outside make sure your bring your Dog Leash!

Saturday, July 4, 2009
posted by Jim Murphy

fireworksFirework and firecrackers can frighten your pets. The reaction of your pet could be even more alarming to you, the owner. It is not uncommon for a frightened dog to jump through a screen door or break something in the house.  If you are outside with your dog during a fireworks display, make sure that you have the dog leash on your dog. Many times a dog will panic by the noise and run out in the street. Some have even gotten hit by cars.

Purdue University veterinarian Lorriane Corriveau says there are ways to avoid reactions from pets  that can cause injury to themselves or others.

1)Never leave pets alone outdoors, even if they are in a fenced yard. Dogs, especially, may escape and become lost or injure themselves by chewing or choking on their dog leashes. Keep small pets sheltered indoors

2) If possible, put your pet in a room or basement where the noise will not be that loud.

3) Turn on the radio or TV for distraction.

4) Don’t take your pet to a fireworks display.

5) If they must be outside, keep your pet in their pet carrier or on their dog leash.

6) Keep ID tags on your dog in the event that he gets loose.

7) Keep you dog away from children especially if they are waving sparklers.

Have a wonderful and fun 4th!

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