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How To Get A Finicky Cat To Eat Wet or Canned Food

Saturday, September 19, 2015
posted by Jim Murphy

catwetI always recommend that you feed your cat a variety of foods and include both wet and dry food. If your cat has been eating dry food, how do you get him to also enjoy some wet food in his diet especially if he’s a finicky feline?

Here are some tips that may help with the transition.

  1. Look for the flavors of dry food that your cat likes. If he likes the flavor of salmon dry food, buy some cans of salmon flavored wet food.
  2. Mix some wet food with dry food. Include flavors that your cat enjoys.
  3. Mix up the flavors. I always get  many different flavors for my cats. Cats do get bored eating the same flavor over and over.
  4. When starting the wet food, take the dry food away for awhile. If your cat is used to dry food and sees both, they may just go over to the bowl with the dry food in it.
  5. Use a shallow bowl when feeding wet food.
  6. Heat the wet food up for just a few seconds. The smell may entice kitty to try it.

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