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February 2024

When You Cat Doesn’t Poop

Friday, July 17, 2015
posted by Jim Murphy

CONSTIPATED CATNormally a cat will poop once or twice a day. Each cat’s system is different so if you cat only poops every two days, don’t panic. This is probably normal for your cat’s digestive system. My cat’s usually will poop every day or two. If your cat has not done his business for three days or more, he could be constipated. You may want to try mixing canned pumpkin with his food. This will provide fiber and could solve the problem.Only mix pure canned pumpkin NOT pumpkin pie filling. If this doesn’t work, take him to the vet. Your vet may give him an enema to clear him out. Chronic constipation could be a sign of a more serious problem that is why it’s important to get your cat checked.

My older cat Mollie has been having some issues lately. A few days ago she didn’t eat for a day but is now ravenously devouring her food but it seems that she hasn’t been pooping normally. I tell you, when a cat gets older, it could be one issue after another. I did find some poop in her litter pan today but it could have been from a few days ago so I’m watching her closely.

Remember, your pets count and keep an eye on your cat’s poop!


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