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What If Your Cat Suddenly Stops Eating His Dry Food?

Tuesday, July 14, 2015
posted by Jim Murphy

cat dry foodMy cat Molly is now 16 years old and she is beginning to have problems. She has slowed down, lost weight and now has stopped eating her dry food. I took her for her checkup in April but I’m scheduling another appointment to try to get to the bottom of this. She is also having mild seizures once and a while which I want to check out. Cats are no different than us in the sense that the older you get, the more problems you have.

As far a the dry food issue, the following excerpt from may explain the problem.

If your cat has stopped eating his dry food, the problem might not be the food at all — it could be the water. Dry food is crunchy, crumbly and dusty, and you can work up a serious thirst when it’s all you eat. If your cat’s water isn’t fresh and clean, he may not want to drink it, and dehydration is a powerful eating deterrent. Even if he is drinking enough, he may just be over dry food. Cats in the wild change up their diets all the time, so a little variety here and there isn’t the worst thing. Try mixing in a little bit of wet food with the kibbles — you avoid the tummy distress that can happen with a cold-turkey switch, but you appeal to your cat’s senses of smell and taste with moist, rich food.
Of course, if your cat isn’t eating his dry food anymore, it could indicate a health issue. Infections and diseases like cancer, liver failure, kidney failure and gastrointestinal problems can all make a cat lose his appetite, and these are all things you need to get treated sooner rather than later. Even dental problems like gum disease, broken teeth or a weak jaw can make crunching up dry food into a painful, tedious exercise. If your cat is consistently avoiding food and nothing you do makes a difference, it’s time to see a vet.

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