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April 2024

Scary Moment for Me and Molly

Sunday, June 7, 2015
posted by Jim Murphy
Molly who gave me a big scare this morning!

Molly who gave me a big scare this morning!

My cat Molly who is now almost 16 is very attached to me. She usually winds us sleeping in my bed every night. This morning, I woke up and found Molly next to me. As I turned, she suddenly began to roll violently. She rolled off the bed and seemed to have trouble getting up. She slid under the bed. I panicked! I didn’t know what happened to her. She came out from under the bed, still very shaken up. I held her for awhile. I put her down and she slowly began walking. ¬†I thought that she may have had a seizure or even worse. She is older, so it’s natural to worry. She had a similar situation about six months ago. I was brushing her and she seemed to lose her balance. She just had her yearly checkup and she checked out fine. Today, I am watching her closely. She seems fine now. She’s jumping up on things and eating normally.

Cats can experience seizures although I’m ¬†thinking that either Molly was having a dream when I turned around towards her or she got dizzy when trying to get up. It’s a very up setting experience to see your pet in distress. Always consult with your vet if any strange symptoms occur or persist.

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