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October 2022

Your pet swallowed something it shouldn’t have. What do you do? Do not give pet medication on your own.

Saturday, December 12, 2009
posted by Jim Murphy

wire-terrierThis happened twice this week to people that I know very well. My brother’s dog, a wire terrier suddenly got sick. He began vomiting, stopped eating and became listless and was lying on his back obviously in pain. My brother immediately took him to the vet. The vet found an intestinal infection caused by something he had ingested. It could have been from Thanksgiving since there was lots of food around. He could have gotten into the garbage and swallowed something. The good news is that my brother did not waste any time and their dog was given pet medication by the vet which cured the problem.

Another friend very recently noticed that her cat was not making it’s usual trips to the litter box and was acting sort of strange and listless. She rushed the cat to the vet and it was determined through X rays that there were staples in it’s intestine. The vet thought that they were not ingested but were left there during a botched neutering years ago. This story is still unfolding but the cat may have to have surgery to remove them.

It both of the above cases, the owners did not waste any time. If you notice any abnormal behavior in your pet, do not try to cure them yourselves. Get them to a vet right away. You’ll probably be glad you did!!

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