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Cats Can’t Stay Away From People With Allergies

Wednesday, January 21, 2015
posted by Jim Murphy

CAT AFRAIDThis sounds weird right? I have friends who love cats. When they come over, the run to my cats to offer them a ton of love, hugs and kisses but my little friends want nothing to do with them. They make a beeline for the door and run under the bed.  The quick movement often scares cats and all they want to do is get away as fast as they can!  I do have a friend who does not like cats, she’s not only allergic but they really make her feel uncomfortable. When she comes over, she simply ignores them and does everything she can to steer clear of any space they may occupy. What do you think happens? My cats find her, rub up against her and want to “make friends?”  No No, this will not work and I have to take them out of the room immediately. Why do they do this? Well, cats like to call the shots and control introductions. It’s safer that way and not to mention more dignified. My friend who doesn’t like cats is doing her best not to make eye contact or avoids physically touching them. In feline communications, my girls are simply showing feline manners.

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