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DeClaw Could Be Against The Law

Thursday, January 15, 2015
posted by Jim Murphy

CAT CLAWSNew York State is considering adopting a bill that would make de-clawing of cats illegal. There have been many times that I’ve written about my feelings about de-clawing and I know that many people may disagree with me. I am against the de-clawing of cats and kittens. The procedure not only includes the removal of the claw itself but also includes removal of part of the digit. I believe that this is cruel and painful to our furry friends. Cats have claws for a reason. If you’re that worried about your furniture, don’t adopt at cat of kitten. Both of my cats have never been declawed and I will admit, because of my negligence, they have damaged some of my furniture.

There are easy things that you could do to prevent them from clawing. I bought new furniture for my home in Delaware. To keep my cats away, I bought a spray from the pet store that keeps cats away and prevents them from clawing. It works perfect! They have never clawed any of my furniture down there. So there are alternatives to de-clawing. Why not try these rather than put your cat through this painful, unnecessary procedure?

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