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Predators Are After Your Precious Pet

Saturday, January 10, 2015
posted by Jim Murphy

hawk.jogIt seems that animals such as bears, coyotes and even deer are appearing in residential neighborhoods lately. It could be because of all of the development, especially here in north Jersey. Development is changing these animal’s habitat and they are becoming displaced. Last week, I was driving down River Road in Edgewater and saw a deer just strolling along. I had to do a double take! Last week, wild coyotes were seen in residential neighborhoods in Englewood Cliffs. Bears have been¬† breaking into porches in West Milford and Wayne, NJ.

I’ve heard a very disturbing story about a coyote causing the death of a precious dog. This did not occur in this part of the country but it certainly could have. I urge all pet owners to be vigilant. I would never leave my pet outside alone, even if the property is fenced in. Never let your pet run loose in any area where you don’t have easy access to him. Large hawks have been known to swoop down and carry off small dogs and cats.

Development will not stop, especially here in north Jersey. Developers won’t stop until every available open or wooded area has some kind of structure on it!¬† North Jersey is becoming more and more like a concrete jungle. everyday. So it’s up to you as a pet owner to change your behavior and pay close attention to your pet when he’s outdoors. They deserve to be protected….even in this concrete jungle!!bear

Remember, your pets count!

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