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February 2024

How to Cat Proof Your Christmas Tree

Sunday, November 30, 2014
posted by Jim Murphy

CAT TREEDo you dread putting up your Christmas tree only to have your feline friend knock off your favorite ornaments ,tinsel and garland off? S he may even knock the tree down!

First of all, consider the type of tree. Real trees can be potentially dangerous to cats. Their needles are very sharp and can puncture your cat’s skin. Make sure that you select a strong tree with a strong base.

Consider the size of the tree. A small tree will be safer than a larger tree because there is less of it to crash down if things go horribly wrong. For a kitten, a tabletop tree might be a suitable choice until it grows up and stops being so playful.
If you do choose a real tree, also choose a water container for the tree that is completely inaccessible to the cat. If she tries to drink from it, she risks poisoning.
For small kittens, wrap tinfoil around the trunk. They don’t like putting their nails into it and it will keep them from climbing the tree.

Choose a safe location for the tree. There should be plenty of room around the tree so your cat is not tempted to climb on a table of sofa to reach your favorite ornaments. Consider a spot that would enable you to shut the door at night or when you’re not at home.

Consider not decorating it immediately. Give your cat a little time to get used to the tree. Keep a spray bottle handy. If your cat lunges at the tree, give her a squirt of water to deter her.

Decorate your tree with your cat out of the way. Put the best ornaments toward the top of the tree out of reach from your curious cat. I put theĀ  plastic ornaments toward the bottom of the tree.

Attach the ornaments to the tree securely. I bend the hook around the branches so it’s difficult for my cats to knock the ornaments off. Be care for electrical wiring. Try to keep it out of reach of your cat. I usually don’t have any problem with this. Make sure that the tree is unplugged when you’re not at home.

Have a wonderful holiday season!

Remember, your pets count!

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