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How A Traumatic Experience Affects Your Cat

Wednesday, November 26, 2014
posted by Jim Murphy

SCARED CATMy cat Millie, was a kitten when she was abandoned during Hurricaine Katrina. Luckily, she has a good home and lots of love but she still shows signs of being traumatized. She’s very “skiddish” and runs away at the drop of a hat. She’ll jump to the ceiling if she hears a loud noise and she doesn’t like to be left alone for too long. If I’m not home at my usual time, I can be sure that Millie will be sitting on the window sill looking out for me.

First of all, keep people that don’t like cats away from your “skiddish” cat. They send off a vibe that cats can pick up. You don’t want these kind  of people around your cat anyway! The more positive things like people, places or things that you could expose your cat to, the better. Don’t expect miracles, take it one step at a time. To get her used to strange people, seek out a few friends that do like cats. Put your cat in the room first and close the door to keep her from dashing out. Have your friends sit in the room with her quietly and not seek out your cat’s attention. Put on a movie or some soft music. The goal is to have your cat see them and realize that they won’t hurt her. Have your guests offer your cat some treats. Put the treat next to them so she can approach without having to interact. It may take time, but if you keep doing this, she will eventually begin to trust your friends and who knows maybe will even try to rub against them for affection.

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