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March 2024

Why Can’t Pets Be Tested for The Ebola Virus?

Sunday, October 12, 2014
posted by Jim Murphy

EBOLA PETSEbola is a serious threat to both humans and animals. At once, we only heard about Ebola occurring in certain areas of Africa but now it’s reached far beyond those borders. Being an animal lover, I can’t help but feel the affect that this disease also has on our pets. If exposure is expected, they are immediately euthanized without even being given the chance.

Here is an excerpt from an ABC News Report. Please note that this is the word for  word account.

The nursing assistant and her husband have been in isolation since she tested positive for Ebola earlier this week. She was part of team at a Madrid hospital that cared for a missionary priest who died of Ebola.

The Madrid regional government got a court order to euthanize their dog, saying “available scientific information” can’t rule out it could spread the virus.

The dog’s owners don’t want it killed. Carlos Rodriguez, a Spanish veterinarian and host of a talk show about animals, said the husband messaged him from the hospital, trying to grant him temporary custody of the mixed-breed dog.

But now that there is a court order, “I can’t stop this happening,” Rodriguez said. The husband “asked me, crying, to at least make sure the animal does not suffer.”

Why can’t our pets be given a chance? Why can’t they be tested first? If positive, why not try some treatment? They do matter and should be given a chance!


Remember, your pets count!


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