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January 2023

Cats and Christmas Trees – How to keep the away-Maybe some more cat toys might help divert their attention.

Sunday, December 6, 2009
posted by Jim Murphy

christmas-tree-2-and-catsThis morning while having my coffee, I looked over to my Christmas tree and noticed it start to shimmer. The ornaments began to move on their own and it seemed like the branches were beginning to sway in a breeze. Immediately I recognized this familiar site. Sure enough I was correct in my assumption. Millie my cat decided that it was play time and was in the back of the tree picking out some fine ornaments to hunt down. Last year, she decided to climb the tree and almost made it to the top. When I called her name, she gently came down and not a single ornament fell off. It was as if she knew that it wouldn’t be a good thing if she broke anything. Let me say this. Usually my cats are very good around the tree. My older cat Mollie, only occasionally takes a nap under it and never touches anything.

So how do we keep our cats away from the Christmas tree?  Here are a few tips that may help if you’re having a hard time with your cat.

1. Make sure that your tree has a firm base that cannot be easily knocked over. Keep the tree away from furniture so that  your cat won’t have a place to jump onto the tree.

2. I keep all of the breakable ornaments in the center and toward the top of the tree. The cheap, plastic ones are on the bottom. My cats usually go for the bottom ones first. I always find them under things after the tree is long gone.

3. Secure the breakable ornaments. I close the hook so they can’t be knocked off.

4. You may try to place an orange or lemon peel at the base of the tree. Cats do not like the smell of citrus.

5. Try spraying some peppermint oil around the tree. Cats dislike the scent of peppermint.

6. If your cat nibbles on the branches, spray some bitter apple on them.

7. Place some plastic carpet runner at the base of the tree. Turn it upside down. Cats don’t like how this feels on their feet.

8. Place cat toys in convenient places to help to divert your cats attention from the tree.

One more important tip. If you have cats, do not put tinsel on your tree. Many years ago, I almost lost my cat because he ate the tinsel. It got wrapped around his intestines and he almost died. Actually, it was miracle that he survived. Our vet told us to put him down.

Good luck, have patience and you’ll survive this holiday season!

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