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Dogs and the holidays. He’s thinking “do I really have to wear this ugly red dog coat?”

Saturday, December 5, 2009
posted by Jim Murphy

christmas-dogIt’s that time of year again and to your dog, the holidays are one big confusion extravaganza. It usually starts with a big dead tree being dragged into the living room. You dog is thinking, “great now I don’t have to do outside to pee.” Then there’s the ornaments all over the tree. Now, your dog is really excited! He’s thinking that all of those shiny ornaments are his to knock off the tree and break! If you have two or more dogs, they are probably huddling together discussing ways in which to take full advantage of this wonderful time of year.  One idea may be to take a string of those pretty lights and string then across the floor instead of on the tree.

It doesn’t end with just that big, dead tree. Soon tons of food will fill the house, cookies, ham, turkey, and a whole array of pastas. What a treat. Your dog is right this moment plotting ways to outsmart you and steal all of those goodies from right under your nose. (be ready to order a pizza!)

There’s more. All of those decorations that are scattered around your house will slowly disappear and will be found at a later time stuffed under the bed or in one of your dogs “special” hiding places!

Then there’s all of his new presents. A big, bulky bright red dog coat to show to all of his friends. I bet he’s “thrilled.”

Have fun with fido this holiday season! Don’t forget to get your little furry friend a christmas stocking to hang on the fireplace. It’s just  something else that he could steal and stash away for another time!christmas-dogslights-and-dog

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